Autopsy: Life and Death - TUMOURS

Ep. 2: Tumours. A series which explores the reality of disease and death

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Why do some people live long and healthy lives, while others die younger and after painful illnesses?  For many of us death is mysterious – an outsider which robs us of life in an instant and without warning. But death and disease are, in many ways, less of a mystery than we imagine; their origins are in our genes and in the lives that we lead.  Through a series of dissections of human cadavers by anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens, which are illuminated by British pathologist Professor John Lee, this series explores the reality of disease and death, answering all the crucial questions. The experts also use live models, specimens and demonstrations to illustrate the underlying processes of the body and explain what can be done to aid detection of disease and improve health and longevity.
In this episode: Tumours. An investigation, including live dissections of two human bodies, into the nature of cancer and why it can be fatal.

Illnesses and issues explored in the episodes include diseases affecting the circulatory system, cancer, poisoning and ageing. The series was filmed before an invited audience at the Institute of Plastination in Heidelberg, Germany.

Director: David Coleman

Producer: Lucy Bowden

Editor: Samuel Santana

Production Company: Firefly

Executive Producer: Nick Curwin

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